Morris Environmental & Groundwater Alliances

Why Commission Us?

We have a passion for the environment and we enjoy supporting people who believe in doing the right thing. This is reflected in the quality of our work.

MEGA has experience in dealing with environmental, soil and water issues in the southern African region. Thus, we have a wide knowledge of environmental conditions in the area and have a good understanding of legislative requirements and the associated environmental responsibilities. In addition, we are readily able to access local expertise and knowledge.

With our systematic approach to projects, we are able to find appropriate solutions for the circumstances and environment within which the project is located. Our aim is to add value to our client’s business. To this end, whilst we seek cost effective solutions, we need to ensure that these are the right solutions from a technical and environmental point of view as well. This means that we think realistic “sustainability.”

By forming partnerships with our clients, other specialists and required contractors, we become ‘total service providers’ thus enabling you to concentrate on your core activities. Through partnerships, we are able to offer a cost effective solution, tailored to meet our client’s needs. MEGA promotes employment equity, empowerment and capacity building within our project partnerships.

MEGA is registered with the Department of Labour and the Workman’s Compensation Commission. MEGA is fully BEE compliant and certified 100% as a Level 4 company. Professional Indemnity will be taken out for specific projects if required by the client – as we enter semi-retirement, the current amount of work no longer justifies holding full-time PI.

The Strength of the MEGAteams

MEGA is known for its highly innovative and practical approach to dealing with environmental issues. Our key position to projects is to understand the client's and the environment's needs, and then to work 'with' the client team to satisfy these needs.

To be successful, we recognize that it is essential to 'add value' to the client's organization, whilst at the same time promoting sustainability within the environment.

MEGA endeavours to include an empowerment component in the approach to our projects (see separate section on Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) later). Our approach is thus to:

  • provide clear advice;
  • ensure we recommend implementable solutions that are practical;
  • assist in prioritising actions on the basis of consequences and risks for the environment and the client;
  • explain findings in an understandable way;
  • bring together the right set of skills for any project.

MEGA undertakes all scale of projects ranging in value from a few thousand Rand to millions of Rand. Project teams are made up of specialists in their respective fields and thus entail a high level of professionalism and dedication to providing a quality service.

All contractor and outsourced services are managed by the MEGAteam. Experience has shown that a consortium of specialists drawn from small businesses can provide a high quality service at a very competitive price for all scale of projects.

Contact Details

Ritchie Morris
Cell: 076 063 9817

Mary-Jane Morris
Cell: 082 789 4139

PO Box 1251

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