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Field Screening Tests for Chrome in Groundwater. Field screening provides a useful, cost effective method for (i) obtaining early indicators of contamination, (ii) assisting in the selection of representative samples for laboratory analysis.

Asbestos Contamination Remediation. MEGA has considerable experience in dealing with land and water asbestos contamination. We have a team of well experienced professionals that satisfies all safety and technical aspects of asbestos related work. We successfully removed 130,000 tons of asbestos waste from one site alone with final approval and sign-off by the authorities.

Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation. MEGA works with select contractors and over the years this relationship has resulted in the provision of specialist skills as each knows the project expectations. The photograph shows innovative installation of a groundwater monitoring well in a shallow, sandy aquifer.

Groundwater Sampling. Industrial Groundwater Monitoring Services (IGMS) is a specialist service offered by MEGA. We have all the right equipment and skills to offer groundwater monitoring at industrial sites.

Installation of Subsurface Barrier Systems. Where shallow, contaminated groundwater is migrating to a sensitive receptor, such as a wetland, it may be necessary to intercept the migration pathway. Subsurface barriers, in conjunction with interception trenches, form practical, quick solutions to managing the impact. Abstraction and management of the contaminated groundwater will be required.

River Sediment Quality Assessment. Rivers, particularly those in urban areas, are under severe pressure from pollution. The sediment within a river bed, over time, can become 'poisoned' due to poor quality flow. Remediating contaminated river sediment is a difficult task as it may change the river gradient. Phytotechnologies offer a 'passive' solution that will enhance natural degradation processes.

Site Audits. Auditing at many industrial sites has shown poor housekeeping and lack of common sense to be the source and cause of land and water contamination. This can be solved though practical awareness training and implementation of EMS protocols. The key to any site improvement is to first stop the source or cause of the impact.

Soil Bioremediation of Oils. Bioremediation uses nature's processes to remediate contaminated land. It is a matter of enhancing these natural processes so that they work optimally in a short space of time. MEGA has undertaken several bioremediation projects for hydrocarbon contaminated soils: There are several 'tricks and traps' to successful bioremediation. The photograph shows 1,800 cubic metres of oil contaminated soil formed into biopiles.

Soil Sampling Team. Understanding the geology is a key requirement to effective soil sampling. From which horizon, how the soil profile exists and to what extent it has been disturbed, will all influence how representative the soil sample will be.

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