MEGA and Black Economic Empowerment

Successful empowerment comprises a two-way transfer of knowledge and experience within the client-consultant-contractor teams. Being a small specialist environmental consultancy, it is important that we see empowerment actually happening and one of the ways in which we fulfil this is through the transfer of information about environmental matters to the client and contractor workforces.

We see 'active empowerment' requiring an understanding of the interrelationships between career growth, social, economic and environmental issues and identifying opportunities on how the project approach can be structured so that each realizes some benefit.

In addition to the above, MEGA is actively involved in providing training courses and lectures, free of charge, to students at tertiary institutions, eg. technikons and local government departments and professional organisations.

MEGA also actively provides financial and equipment support to schools for the previously disadvantaged.

MEGA currently holds a BBBEE Procurement Recognition level of 100 % and our status is that of a Level 4 Contributor.

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Ritchie Morris
Cell: 076 063 9817

Mary-Jane Morris
Cell: 082 789 4139

PO Box 1251

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